Shuttershare offers two options for short term protection for rentals with a resale value of less than $10,000 CAD. These two options are Damage protection and Damage and Theft protection pro. Shuttershare also has partnered with Front Row Insurance to offer insurance on items worth more than $10,000 CAD. Learn more about Front Row's policy for higher value gear here.


Both policies cover damages to the equipment that is being rented.

Damage is considered anything that impairs the functionality of the equipment. This does not include regular wear and tear, blemishes, or scratches.


By purchasing Damage and Theft protection pro you are also covered for any theft of your equipment. This program covers the forceful theft of your rented equipment provided sufficient evidence and a police report.


Water damage to any rented equipment is covered as long as the damage was caused by an accidental spill or splash. Any submersions in water will not be covered.


All claims are subject to a 12% deductible. This deductible applies to any fees associated with bringing a damage or theft claim to resolution

Example: During your rental of equipment damage occurs. This damage claim is approved and the replacement/repair cost is $1,500. The deductible on this rental therefore is $1,500*12% which is $180.


All claims are subject to review and approval by Shuttershare.

Damage does not cover wear and tear, cosmetic scratches or blemishes, or any damage that results from the negligence of the renter.

Theft claims require sufficient evidence, and a police report. All claims will be thoroughly investigated. This coverage does not apply to thefts from unlocked vehicles.

This coverage does not extend to situations where the renter does not return equipment. This scenario is known as Voluntary Parting, and is considered fraud rather than theft.

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