Want to upload a package of gear? Great! You're in luck as we have created the Accessories function. In order to create an equipment package, please follow these steps:

  1. If you're a first time Lister, please click "Become a Lister" or visit shuttershare.io/list-gear
  2. If not, log in and navigate to Dashboard > Your Listings
  3. Click the button "New Listing"
  4. First, begin typing the name of your equipment you wish to list. From the drop-down menu choose the equipment that best describes your listing. If it does not appear, click "Custom Listing"
  5. Second, add any accessories that comes with your equipment package. Make sure you add the correct quantity, as well as provide what category your accessory fits under. *This will help with search performance*
  6. Third, make sure to update your replacement value to accurately represent the total value of your equipment package. Replacement value is preloaded based on the Equipment you wish to list, however it does not take into account any accessories you may add.

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