Renters are searching for quality listings that showcase what they can expect from renting with the lister. In order to get more rentals, try following some of the steps outlined below.

Complete Your Listing

Ensuring that you have added all information possible to your listing will ensure that renters searching will know exactly what to expect from your listing. 

  1. Provide a detailed description, including what specifically comes with your listing. Any detailed information specific to the piece of equipment is essential.
  2. Upload high-quality photos ... seems almost ironic, but make sure you are providing quality photos of your equipment. Feel free to get creative and showcase where the equipment has been used.
  3. Add as much detail as possible with accessories. Nobody likes having that one little accessory is missing, so whatever accessories are included make sure to include them in the listing so that renters can get a clearer picture of what is included in your listing.

Market Competitive Pricing

Having your listing priced competitively will help you gain additional rentals by staying competitive. Creating the ultimate package is only one part of the equation, making sure you price it correctly is the other. When you create your listing, use our market pricing tool to see what pricing will best suit your listing.

Creating the Best Experience

By creating the easiest user experience for those who choose to rent your listings, and gaining quality reviews it will increase your search performance. Additionally use your rating and reviews to understand how you can improve your listing and rental experience.

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