Respond to Rental Request

  1. Navigate to your Upcoming Reservations (Dashboard > Your Listings > Upcoming Reservations)
  2. Click on the specific Upcoming Reservation
  3. View the pick-up date, drop-off date, rental charges and choose to Approve or Disapprove the rental request
  4. You only have 24 hours to respond, if you fail to approve or disapprove the request within 24 hours it will automatically expire (cancel)

Add Pick-Up Address

  1. Click the "Add Pick-Up Address" button to add your address to notify the renter where they can pick-up the listing from

Confirm Time of Pick-Up

  1. Communicate with the renter to confirm the time of the pick-up. Our standard times are after 2 PM for pick-up, before 12 PM for drop-offs. You are allowed to choose any time and be as flexible as possible.

Get Your Listing Ready

  1. Pack up your gear, double check that everything included in the listing is included.
  2. Ensure you have a double count of any accessories
  3. As a precaution it is good practice to take a picture of the equipment before-hand

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