On the off chance that someone does not show up to pick-up rental equipment we ask that you follow these steps:

Step 1 - Notify Shuttershare
As soon as possible, notify Shuttershare of the missed pick-up by the renter. Only notify Shuttershare if you have not rescheduled a pickup with the Renter.

Step 2 - Contact Renter
To the best of your ability contact the renter via our online platform or via SMS. Determine if the Renter wishes to continue the rental or cancel the rental. If you are having trouble messaging the renter, or they are unresponsive please contact us at support@shuttershare.io

Step 3 - Contact Support
If the Renter was for some reason unable to pickup the gear on the date of the rental, but still wants to rent your listing we will not cancel the rental.

If the Renter is either (a) unresponsive or (b) wants to cancel the rental we will cancel the rental and charge the lister based on our cancellation fee schedule available here

Once you and the Renter have decided to continue or cancel the rental please contact a Shuttershare team member via our live chat, or send us an email at support@shuttershare.io

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