To create a listing in under 2 minutes please follow these steps:

  1. Log In to your Shuttershare Account
  2. Click "Become a Lister" from Top Navigation
  3. Click "List Your Gear"

Step 1 - Basic Information

  1. Start your listing by typing in the title of your listing, if you see your listing in the dropdown click it. If you do not keep typing to create a custom listing
  2. If you create a custom listing make sure to add a category to your listing
  3. Add accessories by choosing the quantity, title and category of accessory
  4. Insert your listing replacement value
  5. Choose the per day price of your listing
  6. Click "Continue"

Step 2 - Listing Details

  1. Edit or confirm the title of your listing - feel free to be creative to set your listing apart from others
  2. Add a description for your listing, we require it be at least 25 characters and no more than 500
  3. Add a minimum of one photo, maximum of six photos (You can rearrange after upload)
  4. Click "Continue"

Step 3 - Final Details

  1. Add or edit the pick-up address Note your address will never be shown publicly. The renter will only be sent your address when you prepare to meet.
  2. Choose from the dropdown menu when other users can pick-up/drop-off your gear. 
  3. Click Preview Listing to see a preview or you can post your listing

All done! If you have questions feel free to send a message to one of our team members or email us at

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