If you want to submit a rental request or list your gear you will need to be a verified
user. To become a verified user, please follow these steps:

Step 1 - Login or Signup
Login or Signup for Shuttershare at shuttershare.io

Step 2 - Verify Email Address

  1. Open your email inbox
  2. Search for email from Shuttershare with the subject "ShutterShare | Verify Your Email"
  3. Open up verification email and click verification link

Step 3 - Verify Mobile Phone Number

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard > Profile > Edit Profile
  2. Click "Add Mobile Phone Number"
  3. Insert your Mobile Phone Number
  4. Check your mobile phone for a Six Digit (6 Digit) verification code
  5. Insert your verification code and click "Verify Phone Number"
  6. You're all done!

Step 4 - Verify Government ID
Please Note: This process can take up to 24 hours

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard > Profile > Trust & Verification
  2. Click "Verify Government ID", you will be sent an email to finish the verification process
  3. Check your inbox for an email from OnFido with the subject "Shuttershare Identity Verification Form"
  4. Click "Click Here to Verify Your Identity", you will be redirected to OnFido to complete verification
  5. Confirm your First and Last Name are correct, then click "Save and Continue"
  6. Default document is Passport, click "Change Document" if you want to use a National Identity Card or Driving Licence
  7. Once you have chosen your preferred document, OnFido will have you take pictures and upload them
  8. Next, OnFido will take a selfie of you to verify that your face matches your Identity
  9. Once complete click "Submit Verification"
  10. You're all done!

Once you have verified your email address, phone number, and Government ID you will be a verified user.

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