To Add a Payout Account, follow these steps:

  1. Login or Signup for Shuttershare at
  2. Navigate to your dashboard by clicking your profile image
  3. Navigate to the Account section of your Dashboard
  4. Click "Payout Settings" on the left menu
  5. Click "Add Payout Method"

You will now be redirected to Stripe to either (a) Signin to an existing account or (b) create a new Stripe Account

I Already Have a Stripe Account

If you already have a Stripe account, click Sign In at the top right

I Need To Create a Stripe Account
Follow these steps to create a Stripe Account:

  1. Choose Your Country
  2. Tell Stripe about your business
  3. Choose Your Business Type, if you are unsure which to choose you should use Individual/Sole Proprietorship
  4. Add your business or personal address
  5. Add personal details such as Legal Name, Date of Birth and your SIN (Social Insurance Number)
  6. Credit Card Statement Details, Add your business name and phone number
  7. Fill in your bank account details, this information will be used to process payment to your account
  8. Add your email and create a password. Make sure to save these details in a secure location 
  9. Finally, ensure all of your information is correct and click "Authorize access to this account"

If you have any questions about connecting your Stripe account, please contact us at or chat with us directly!

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